Voluntary Tax Withholding

by admin on December 2, 2018

If you find yourself owing money to Uncle Sam every year in April, voluntary tax withholding from your Social Security benefits could be the answer for you. If you receive Social Security Retirement or Disability benefits you can designate a percentage of your benefit amount to be paid to the IRS each month. This amount will be documented on the 1099 form that you receive from Social Security each year and could make your tax liability less of burden to pay.taxquote.jpg

To designate voluntary tax withholding for your Social Security benefits you need to complete a form W-4V. This form is not available on Social Security’s website for some reason and the only way to get it is to call 1-800-772-1213 and ask for one or visit your local Social Security office.

Once you have the form you will designate the percentage you want withheld, sign on the dotted line and return the form to Social Security. There are only five percentages to choose from: 0%, 7%, 10%, 15% and 25%. You would select 0% only if you would like to stop the withholding. Once you have returned the form it will take 30-60 days for Social Security to process before the withholding starts. (It seems to take Social Security 30-60 days to do just about everything)

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Social Security Privatization is Not Dead

November 22, 2018

You may recall the Bush Administration suffered a defeat in their attempt to privatize Social Security. After this initiative failed due to public outcry, the focus of Bush’s presidency shifted back to the war in Iraq. This defeat does not mean the Republican efforts to outsource Social Security are finished, not by a long shot. [...]

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Social Security and Power of Attorney

October 3, 2018

You might think because you have “Power of Attorney” for your relative or loved one you will be able to conduct business for them with the Social Security Administration. The agency does not recognize “Power of Attorney” and this document will get you no information from Social Security about your relative or loved one. Social [...]

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Social Security Retirement Benefits

September 23, 2018

In order to qualify for Retirement benefits under Social Security you need to work and pay Social Security taxes for a minimum of ten years. The ten year requirement does not mean that the ten years of work has to be continuous; Social Security breaks your work record up into “quarters of coverage” or “credits.” [...]

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Social Security Retirement at Age 62

August 14, 2018

If you plan on starting your Social Security Retirement benefits at age 62, there are several things you need to know. To start your benefits you will need to schedule an appointment or apply online; the earliest you can call to schedule the appointment is three months prior to your 62nd birthday. If you start [...]

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