Medicare for End Stage Renal Disease

by admin on June 17, 2018

If you receive regular kidney dialysis on a weekly basis, you qualify for Medicare benefits without the 24 month waiting period required for those who receive Social Security Disability benefits. You may even be eligible for Medicare coverage if you do not qualify for Social Security disability.

If you did not work and paid into Social Security and are not eligible on your own record, you can qualify for Medicare benefits off of your spouse’s record as long as they have paid into the system. If you are not eligible for Social Security Disability and qualify for Medicare, you will have to pay the monthly premiums for Medicare Part B. In 2006 this Part B premium is $88.50.

If you and your spouse does not meet the work requirements for Medicare, you can still enroll for coverage; however, you will be billed for both Part A and Part B premiums. The Medicare Part A premium for 2006 is $393 per month. Don’t let this premium amount scare you as there is a good chance your State will pay it for you if you meet their income requirements.

For more information about receiving Medicare benefits for individuals with End Stage Renal Disease, contact Social Security at 1-800-772-1213. A Social Security representative can provide you contact information for your State’s Social Services department to see if you qualify to have premiums paid by the state if necessary.

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